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How can you bet on cricket?

If you're searching for the most reliable place to play the best cricket bet within India, then you've found the right site. We provide some of the top live and pre-match odds for every aspect of IPL, BBL, Mzansi Super League Internationals, domestic and international competitions. If you're an avid fan of cricket and are eager to make the first wager, follow these steps to start.

  1. Log in or sign up in to the EKBET account
  2. Select to open the Cricket icon on the homepage.
  3. Look up the event or series you'd like bet on.
  4. Choose the fixture that you like best.
  5. Choose an outcome
  6. Place your bet and hit Bet Now to confirm

If you'd like to place a place your bets on the game in real time, check the live-streamed betting page, where odds change after every ball is bowled. This puts you in a prime position to make a knowledgeable bet.

Popular cricket bets

There are a myriad of betting options you can put on cricket. If you're looking to bet on the top batsman or simply choose the best player, there's an opportunity that will suit your needs. Here are the most well-known cricket betting types:

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Straightforward and simple Straight forward and simple, placing an "Winner" bet is selecting the team you believe will prevail in the game. For T20 matches it is usually an option to bet on the Super Over. In tests, players will have the an opportunity to place the Match Result (1X2) wager, where you can place your bet on one team winning, or on the match ending with the draw.

Teams with Top Batter

With the constant changes to the rules for the sport of cricket, the game is gradually becoming a batsman's match which means that you are able to profit from this and place bets on the team you believe will have the top scoring batsman. But the possibilities don't stop there you can also place bets on the player who you believe will have the highest number of runs.


When betting on Overs/Unders bets, you're betting the score that both teams will achieve during the game. There are numerous Overs/Unders betting options you can make on cricket, including the number of wickets, runs as well as fours, sixes, catch outs, run outs stumpings, and many more.

Cricket betting tips

With the variety of bets and markets Types that sometimes picking the best bet could be confusing. If you're in need of assistance go to our EKBET Insider Blog for the latest cricket betting tips and in-depth news. If you'd like to analyze the data on your own to come up with the ideal wager Our Stats Centre has all the statistics you require to make the best bet.

How to place bets on IPL games using Ekbet app India

The most loved cricket tournaments

In the beginning, Test cricket was the most well-known form of the game, and for certain people, it remains and is considered to be the "purist" style of cricket. Then, the less-short, One Day format, was introduced. It crams 100 overs into a day's worth of action. Today we're treated to one of the most thrilling T20 tournaments that we've witnessed. The action is fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled, and can be completed in just six hours.

With EKBET you can bet on any of the most well-known cricket tournaments, including:

  1. Cricket World Cup Cricket World Cup
  2. T20 World Cup
  3. The Champions Trophy
  4. The IPL
  5. Big Bash
  6. The Mzansi Super League
  7. The Vitality Blast


Our user-friendly website provides you with an unbeatable betting experience in sports that can't be found anywhere else. Additionally our top-of-the-line application lets you carry the action with you wherever you travel.

With the best odds on the most well-known tournaments and sports and the capability to build a Bet by combing the outcomes of up to 10 games in one game into a single bet Bet with us and you'll get an experience is hard to find other than us.

How to place bets on IPL games using Ekbet app India

Support for betting

If you require help regarding any aspect of your account, such as placing bets on cricket, you can contact us for assistance. One of our helpful and knowledgeable support team members will assist you to get back to the right place.